Atif Aslam Dead News is Wrong, He's Alive n Fit

Justin Bierber, the young Canadian singer has always been on top of the Internet rumor list and now it is the Pakistani singer, Atif Aslam. There has been recent news circulating around the internet, that the Pakistani pop singer, Atif Aslam had throat cancer, as a result of which he died.
Now as a matter of fact the news has caused most of his fans to worry about him and for now they are all shocked, but no one can say whether this is the truth or not. The news that started circulating a popular social networking site, stated that, the world will miss Atif and that he was a really good singer.
When the news went out by the media and questioned Atif’s brother was shocked to her such a news as well Atif himself. Atif’s family members have stated that he is well and fine and nothing wrong has happened to him. They all were shocked how could someone spread such a humor like this.

“Even I am shocked to hear this news,” Shahzad Aslam, Atif’s brother and official spokesperson, told us. He added, “Atif too, is in shock. Nothing of this sort has happened. Thanks to Allah taala, he is alive and in good health.” We also asked him about the reports of Atif having cancer, and he said, “What rubbish. Atif ko koi cancer nahi hai. He’s absolutely fit and fine. All this news is from a stupid Pakistani website created by Atif’s fans, who have updated this news. We are looking into the matter.”
Rumours were also rife that in a concert in Karachi on Sunday, Atif fell off the stage and suffered back injuries… “What? Not at all! There wasn’t any show scheduled. This is all baseless news originating from God knows where. Right now, he’s busy with the promotion of his debut film, “Bol,” directed by Shoaib Mansoor (of “Khuda Kay Liye” fame). It’s scheduled to release in October and inshallah, Atif will come to India to promote it. But before that he has no shows in India.”

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