Brazilian teen Elisany Silva is the tallest teenager in the world

BRASILIA: Elisany Silva, who lives in Brazil, is the tallest teenager in the world. At only fourteen years of age, the young girl stands six feet and nine inches tall, head and shoulders above her friends, and even most adults.

Silva is so tall, in fact, that she cannot walk into the front door of her own home without ducking. She often gets distracted and hits her head on the wood beams in the ceiling of her house, and had to stop going to school to study, and has to do so at home because she could no longer fit on the bus and sit properly.

A doctor feels that Silva may have a disease known as “Giantismo” in which she would grow far faster than normal. This disease could cause serious problems and even death.

Her organs, such as the thyroid, ovaries, and such could shut down, and if she could not stop growing, the stress to her body would eventually kill her. Her mother does not truly understand the disease or why the girl has grown so much.

“I want [her] to stop growing up, to be [like] the other girls,” her mother stated, “because I know she feels weird and sometimes wants to be like them.”

But Silva has dreams of her own, despite all of the issues which her height has caused. It is a dream which actually could use her disease to her advantage. Silva very much wishes to become a model, and has plans to debut her prance down the catwalk at a bridal show which will be given in Belem, Brazil soon.

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