Google Can Submit your Posts to Twitter Automatically

Yes,  Google is now trying to help webmaster so they added one new feature in there service i.e submitting our blog post to twitter automatically. This feature is available in one of  the Google product know has FeedBurner. I think almost all webmaster having there account  in FeedBurner. Today in this post we will show you how we can activate submitting blog post to twitter automatically with the help of  FeedBurner.

In our previous post we have shown how to Auto-submit blog post to twitter without using any plug-in with the help of online tools/website called Twittefeed. Twitterfeed is also a good in submitting the blog post to twitter automatically with the help of our blog feed.
Now Google has launched similar service to the blogger in the FeedBurner product. To use this service we need one FeedBurner account and your twitter account that you need to send your blog post to twitter automatically. Google also automatically shorten your URL with the help of there own URL shortner i.e so you no need to worry about third party URL shortner Google can provide you a good uptime to redirect URL.
How to Configure/Activate Auto-submitting blog to twitter with in FeedBurner: 
To activate this feature in your FeedBurner account just follow few steps as explained below.
1. First you need to have a FeedBurner account if have then login to FeedBurner Account (If you have more than one site)
2. Select the site that you need to submit your post  automatically to twitter
3. In the next step select Publicize tab.
4. After selecting Publicize tab you will see the service option in the left side of publicize tab in that click on Socialize option.
5. Now here add your Twitter username by clicking on Add a Twitter Account and configure the way you need to send tweet. Below is the example image of my configuration to send blog post automatically to my twitter account @live_point
The below the screen shot of how Google submit our blog post automatically to twitter by feedburner using Google URL shortner
 I think twitterfeed may close there service … What you say about Google new  service ?

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