How to Update Your Facebook Status Through Text Messaging (SMS)

We all know about Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site around the world. Now a days Face is introducing new features some of new features recently introduced by Facebook are “Upload Photos via email“, “” and “facebook for your phone“.
Now they have recently added new feature called “Facebook Mobile Texts” through we can utilize most features of facebook through our mobile phone.

Some other Functions of Mobile Texts:

  1. Update status
  2. Message
  3. Get profile info
  4. Get cell phone #
  5. Wall post
  6. Poke
  7. Add a friend
  8. Write a note
You can get more information with live preview on Facebook site Here

How can we start using “updating facebook status through sms” feature ?

To start using sms feature we first need to register our mobile phone to facebook account. The below steps will helps you to register your mobile phone.
Firstly sign into your facebook account then click settings >> Account settings in top right side
Select “Mobile” tab in that you will see the link named “Register for Facebook Mobile Texts” click it
In Activate facebook texts the step 1 will ask your country and mobile service provide select the appropriate option
In step 2 they will ask you to send text message to 51555 (number may differs depending on location) containing only letter “f”
Ex: f to 51555

click Next button.
They will send activation code to your mobile phone enter that code in “Enter code here” option and click confirm.
That’s all now you can start using your Facebook account on your mobile phone through by just sms.

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