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Ok, this has been around since the dawn of internet, and i'm sure at one point or another, we've all tried it, only to eventually give up at the outrageously low payouts. Well, I cant blame you, some sites offer .02 CENTS! This is not even worth the effort of clicking in my opinion and thats where a lot of people immediately acquire the misconeption that all PTC sites are like this. In fact, you can find some sites that offer AMAZING payouts. In this article, I will be showing you, and describing to you those sites that I trust to earn a few extra bucks for funding.

1. The first site that I use is "1 dollar PTC." Now the payouts for this site are HUGE, they offer you anywhere from $1 to $5 to view an ad for 30 seconds. This is GREAT MONEY! The big question is, "Is this a scam?" Well, this is very easy to solve when posed with such a question. Many of these sites pay through PAYPAL or ALERT PAY. Now to get around this problem, simply email PAYPAL or ALERT PAY as I did, to simply verify whether or not the company pays. Upon emailing, I was sent the response along with a screen shot of their payments, verifying to me that they are indeed reliable. The payout for this site is $5000 and will take you about 3 months to get there if you are diligent. This is my favorite site and definatley worth a look and more research!

2. The second network of sites I use is the "Bux" sites. These sites offer you a 2cent payout for each email which isn't much, but when running 4 or 5 ads at once, thats 10cents every 10 seconds, which isn't bad. I find these sites that will be listed below EXTREAMELY reliable and again, are run through PAYPAL.

- 10 Bux
- Think Bux
- B.U.X
- Neo Bux
- Crew Bux
- Nero Bux

Now, there are many other sites in the BUX network, although, the ones listed above have proven to be the most reliable to me, with immediate payments and site simplicity.

3. The next site, one of my favorites, is Pay2Surf. This site offers fairly high payouts from 5cents to 20cents per ad. They limit the amount of ads you can see per day, although with only 5 mins a day, you can make a few extra bucks, and over time, cash out LARGE! Again, this site uses PAYPAL and ALERT PAY.

All of these sites that I use, I can guaruntee as being reliable, as they are in partnership with PAYPAL and ALERT PAY. I have listed these few as proving to be valuable in earning a second or third stream of income, as they have already paid me $4.28 while writing this article. The programs are completely free to join, and you can leave at any time, although once you start, you will be hardpressed to want to leave.

Not only do you recieve money from your own views, BUT, you recieve money each time your referral clicks an ad. This means that my 17 referrals make me about $8 per day, and all I do now, is sit back, and watch the account grow! Its that simple.

I'm not saying this will be a family income, now a large one at that, but it will be substantial and can be very easy if you are serious about the programs. Try today, risk free! You have nothing to lose!
PTC Sites

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