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This is a technique I use to get high PR back links without having to do any form submission. If you do this right then it'll only take you an hour and a half tops and three days later you'll have a ton of high PR backlinks. It doesn't stop there though.. using this method your backlinks will expand without you having to do anything. In 3 days you might have 50 new backlinks, but in a month you'll have 150, and in 2 months even more.. There are ways to go crazy with it and get tripple these numbers, but you need to spend a little cash for that. I use this technique to jump start new sites. Googlebot will be indexing the hell of your site in no time, and you will rank. This is one of the only techniques I know which I have not seen many other people talk about. I have however seen it's signature in the backlinks of some high profile SEO sites, so I know the pros are using it. *disclaimer* If I see this get spread around to other boards them I'm going to have to stop posting stuff like this...

Here is how it works:

Perhaps some of you remember the early to mid nineties. The internet was ramping up, but people were still using BBSes, compuserve, and prodigy. Shareware was a big thing back then, and maybe it still is today. BBSes (bulletin board systems) were computer systems that you could connect to directly with your modem to chat, read messages, and download files. Some of the most popular BBSes were nothing but huge archives of shareware software. During this era these massive shareware/freeware archive boards had an organizational problem. They lacked a standard way of classifying a given piece of software, so it was difficult for the boards to share their archive data with each other. What they needed was a standard way for shareware authors to provide product descriptions and specifications about their software, and a standard way to classify and organize shareware. It was for this purpose that the Portable Application Description or PAD file was born. A shareware author could now just create a .PAD file that explains all the details of how much his app costs, where to buy it, what kind of license it was under, etc.. and then he would just package up the pad file along with his software and upload it to any bulletin board and he could expect the bulletin board to make sense of it and to classify his software correctly.

What does this have to do with backlinks ? Well the Internets showed up on the scene, but this didn't kill shareware and it sure as hell didn't kill PAD. Today there are thousands of shareware archive websites online and almost all of them support submission via PAD file. Many of these software archives have very high Page Rank, and they all want to be the biggest and best archive, that means they WANT NEW SOFTWARE to add to their index. In order to get these backlinks what you're going to do is give them what they want. You create new software along with a pad file and feed it into these sites, then they list your software and link back to your software's homepage. You can even influence the keyword that they use when linking in most cases. The first thing you need to do is create a new piece of software to distribute. Don't worry no programming skills are required. There are lots of sites on the net that make it easy for you to create custom branded softwares such as screensavers and browser toolbars. I use this one a lot, you can create your own branded calculator program.


another good one is ebookcompiler.com which will let you make your own executable ebook. Screensaver Factory 4 Enterprise is another one, conduit.com. The bottom line is however you do it you need a get your hands on a unique piece of software that looks like real shareware, and does not contain a virus. It must be new custom software or else it will be rejected. Next you go to www.asp-shareware.org/pad/ and download a freeware called PadGen. This app will let you generate a .PAD file for your new software. You run this program and fill out everything. For the software name make sure you use your KEYWORD that you want in the backlink, and then for program homepage use the URL that you want to promote. Also in the various description fields you can link back to your site. Fill out all the fields. Try to make it look halfway legit if you can. There will be a few required fields that require some extra work. You will have to specify a URL to a webserver where your PAD file is located, a URL to your software program, a url to a screenshot of your software, and a url to an icon image for your software. I upload my stuff to Amazon S3, but you can just stick it on any webserver you have available. Just make sure the urls work. In PadGen click save. It'll write out a programname-pad.xml file. This is the pad file that you upload to your sever along with the program, screenshot, and icon.

Damn that was a mouth full. Ok so once you've gotten this far you're almost done. You have your software, pad file, and screenshot uploaded to a server, and your PAD file is valid. Head back over to the Association of Shareware Professionals website and click around until you find "submit your pad".. or just click here:
www.asp-shareware.org/pad/repository/us ... ?Home=user

You paste in the url to your pad file and click submit. It will make sure your pad is valid, and then if it is then it will add the PAD to it's archive. This is kind of like the main shareware archive for the internet. Hundreds of other shareware archives check this one for new PAD files each day. These software archive sites all end up scraping each other too, so if you post your pad file here and wait a month or so eventually it will have spread to hundreds of sites. We're not going to wait though. After you've submitted your pad head on over to this other site: www.avangate.com/resources/free-tools.php Use the pad submitter functionality here. If they approve your pad (and they usually approve mine) then they will automatically submit your pad to 50 archive sites.

Next head on over to dummysoftware.com and download their "Pad Express" trail software. The trail version of this app should submit your pad file to at least 40 directories. If you register this software then it will submit to something like 200. Next go to develab.net and download "promosoft" trial. It'll do the same thing except with different sites. Next head on over to padadd.com, and it's the same story. I think Padadd is the best one. If i was going to register one of these I'd go with padadd because it has like 500 different archive sites. That's about it. You can do this with different softwares optimized for different keywords but with the same URLS and you'll have outstanding results. Not every archive that lists your software will create a proper backlink, but a good percentage of them will, and lots of them have great PR. It's annoying as to do all of this, but really it only takes a couple hours, and that's a hell of a lot easier than doing form submission. It won't be long before your software appears on hundreds of these archive sites, and a good chunk of them will link back to your domain with the keyword that you used in your pad file.

I have a giant list of pad archives ordered by page-rank that I might upload here if there is a lot of interest. Each archive site will allow manual PAD submissions so with a big list like this you can manually go through and add the PAD to any sites that padadd missed. Wow this has been a huge writeup, I hope I didn't put everyone to sleep. I promise this has worked for me several times. Please try to fill out your PAD file so that it looks like real shareware, and use a real screenshots of your software.

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