How to get THOUSANDS of people Following you

Hello Everyone!!

I thought I will share this KILLER Twitter Trick with my fellow BlackHaters, this is SOO freaking simple but yet so powerful that without using any script you will get thousands of people following you day and night.

So lets get started --

Getting Followers at Twitter can be pain in butt, you can use some tools to automate your work but it sucks, because not everyone will follow you back. But with this trick people will follow you, no need to beg or follow them..these people will find you and follow you..

Step by Step

1. Go to

Top twitter users - Populair twitter users

There you will find list of top 100 twitters with most followers, now you can move on and see other people as well but I stick to the top guns.

2. Select 10 people that you wanna target, or in other words 10 people that you want to follow "like I follow top 10 guys sometimes I go to lower down the list and find people with 20-30k followers so on and so fourth. For time being to get started just start with top 10.

3. Open 10 tabs and in each tab you must have each profile open, so tab 1 = profile 1, tab 2 = profile 2, so on and so fourth so you have 10 tabs with 10 twitter profiles of top 10 twitter gamers.

4. Now follow all of them, one by one follow all the 10.

5. Now here is the TRICK, every time you follow someone your name comes on top of their list of followers, so anyone who is following them will follow you, anyone who is following their followers will follow you first, anyone checking their profile will check your profile, anyone that sees their twit see yours first, so if you have 10 profiles and you keep following and unfollowing them every 5 minutes within 10 minutes you will have 200-300 people following you.

How this works?

Basically top 10 twitter guys get 1000s and 1000s of adds every hour (not only that they get thousands and thousands of visitors to their profile), and when they are adding they check their followers so if you are on top of their list they follow you as well. Or if anyone else is using bot to follow the followers of these top 10 you will be the first one they will follow.

This is a bug and it works all the time. I have 30 profiles open and I just follow them and after 5 minutes I unfollow all of them, I do this for few hours a day and then I get 500 followers I stop and continue next day.

In just few days i got 2600 followers doing this.

I did get feed up so I made a macro with JitBit lol, so now i have 50 tabs on my Virtual Machine and I am following and unfollowing these guys every 5 minutes.

This works all the time, whats even funnier, YOUR PROFILE gets a high PR backlink LOL..

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