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In the last few years the amount of pay to click sites has grown with 500% and even more! Because of the fast and easy way to earn money with it, but what we need to know is that not all PTC sites can be trusted!

If you take a look at some PTC sites, then you will have noticed that they have pretty much the same layout. The reason for this is easy to explain, a lot of these owners have bought their own PTC site script. Bought or even downloaded it for free from a website. From this we can conclude that everybody with 20$ or even less can start his own pay to click site without having any knowledge of making websites.

The best paid to click sites are actually easy to find because they are actually the ones that have money to promote their website and to adjust their layout. Scam sites frequently run on cheap servers and have a cheap layout.

To find a very good paid to click website you have to compare some with others and when you are doing that you will have to keep count with with their advantages and disadvantages. A perfect PTC site for me would be one with a low pay out, high pay per click and referral click with a friendly community that helps each other. However that is a perfect one and perfect things do not exist in this world. Because of this we need to compensate some things with other things.

PTC Sites / Bux Reviews
Read Reviews about Pay To Click sites that really pay.
You can trust these for 100%!

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