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Get paid to click or also known as pay to click isn't a new way to earn money through the net , but the last years it became a popular way to earn some extra money. With some extra money you don't need to imagine yourself hundreds of dollars, but I'm not saying that it isn't possible to earn hundreds of dollars with these pay to click sites. People who have experience with these kinds of sites can earn descent amounts of money.

Keep Dreaming because it is not easy to earn one thousand dollar. The secret to earn these amounts of money is to join different PTC sites that can be trusted. Make sure they are not a scam because if so you won't get paid for your work.

Joining these pay to click sites is just one step to earn money. If you really want to earn money with Bux sites you will have to refer people to these sites. If you mange to refer a person, then you will get paid like 0.01$ for every link he visits.

Not everybody has time to convince people to join, so there is another option to get referrals and that option is to buy or rent ( on some sites) referrals. The price for one referral is around 1$ each. Buying referrals can give you profit, but you could also lose money if they are inactive ones who don't click.

Sometimes you can see people who have thousands of referrals and those are people who risked. Maybe it's just a matter of luck and math. Who will tell...

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  1. PTC said...

    PTC(pay to click) you get paid to visit websites and click ads.The process is so easy,you simply click a link and view ads to 10-30 seconds to earn money.

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