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Bux sites are great and sometimes you can really earn some extra money with it, but what I don't like about some pay to click sites is the attitude that they have upon users. Some sites just totally ignore people who ask questions or people who have problems or even people who give ideas to improve their site.

These PTC I would not dear to try out. Why? Because they will probably scam you and that happens a lot. So it's always nice to take a look at the design of the page and if there is any kind of forum on it to read some reactions about payments and etc. If you don't believe me then Google it and you will find a lot of posts of people who were scammed.

I've tried out some sites and some are always better then others. I love the PTC sites with low payouts because I love to see my money on my AlertPay or PayPal account, but I do also participate at pay to click sites with a higher payout.

Another thing that I like about some pay to click sites that have "offers" where you can sign up. These offers really help you to achieve your payout. Sometimes these offers can go up to 0.2$ per sign up what is quite a lot of money for a small thing to do.

My favorite part about bux sites is the referral part. I just love to earn money without doing nothing for it. Well doing nothing is a big word, lets call it doing almost nothing for it!

Go to my blog to read some reviews about bux sites that really paid me. The sites that you will find over their are 100% trustworthy!
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